Reflection Essay

In my portfolio I have decided to use the work from three different projects, one is from my time in collage called ‘Change’ another from Phonar named ‘Rei’ this yeear and the last are the images I used in my degree show called ‘Another F***ing Superhero’. I decided to use the images from a project in collage because I wanted to show how diverse my work can be and my skills in photoshop as they are highly edited, more so then the other works in there which requiered little retouching. However I am also using this work because when I leave Coventry I want to try and assist an artist based in New York called Elizabeth Mcgrath and her work greatly influenced the work. The final two projects I have put in from Phonar and Degree show are there to highlight my passions for gaming and Cosplay photography which are careersI intend to persue. I am using the degree show in particular because I used HDR when making the images and I am particularly proud of how they turned out and as it is a technique I want to use more often in my work I want to show that I have a skill in using it. For the distrabution of my portfolio I inent to make two copies, one to be online and one hardcopy, this is so people abroad may see my work and so I can also bring a hard copy with me to meetings should employers desier to see a hard copy infront of them. I intend to go to gaming companys/events and Cosplay events to present my work and hopefully establish some type of work plan where I am able to photograph their events, by doing this I plan to make a name for my self. By establishing my self in the Cosplay arena I then plan to take my folio to bigger companys like Ubisoft the creaters of Assassins creed and work for them as a photographer or assisting photographer. I also plan to go to Forbidden Planet, Nintendo and Playstation who are big obviously in gaming but also Cosplay. The dream is to either work in Tokyo or New York going to functions like ComicCon or AnimeCons photographing for magazines. I also plan to go to magazine companys such as ‘Game Developer’ ‘Game’ and ‘MMO Game’ to see about working for them.

In the Degree show I was apointed the task of orginising the invites and the opening night along with Hazel Steel. For the invites I decided that a good place to start would be to use the list of peoples names and emails we made for the Symposium, as Hazel and I were in charge of the invites for that also we still had the list. I also put a status on the Facebook page to see if there were any other guests people wanted to invite, I got a few replies but it seemed like the important people where already mentioned. After that I decided I would create an event on Facebook as everyone in the world practically has one I thought it would be a great way to publicise the degree show. I added absolutly everyone I knew pretty much to the event making the other members of our class “hosts” aswell so they could invite who ever instead of it just being Hazel and myself, the event was also ‘open’ meaning anyone could see it and join if they wanted to. We got a great respons from facebook and other 400 people where invited and 320 clicked attending. For more important people such as academics (basically everyone on our list from the Symposium) was also invited but by email. For the email we used the same text put onto the event and made it more formal and sent three weeks in advance, I felt three weeks was enough time for people to remember the date and to set it aside for us, but also so it was close enough to remember. And a week before the show I sent another email with a map off Google earth for people coming from the station with a route to the gallery.
For the opening night its self we tried to find a sponser for drinks and nibbles, as there wasn’t much money in the kitty for this we had hoped we could find somewhere. However we didn’t have much luck and found companys even small ones to be reluctant. So luckily enough I decided to keep some money free for the show so in the case that this would happen I would have enough for the night and be able to buy preasents for the people that helped us put the show together. At first it was unclear about the alchol situation because we where informed that we would only be allowed to suply a small amount, so say enough for the first hundred people to come and that would be it, which caused confusen because that seemed rather rediculas to everyone in the class. We then later found out that we would need enough to suply the night which casued strain on Hazel and myself because neither of us had the money to afford the whole night. However we where then told a week before to supply some alcohol and the SU bar would suply their own which helped a lot. On the opening night I was in charge of speeches, I decided I wouldn’t give one my self but ask more confidant people to do it who are good speakers so I asked Sean Caroll if he would give one and also our lecturer Paul Smith to give one, once they where done I handed out thankyou gifts to Ambers mum and dad, Jennis dad, Paul and Amber. As the opening night was my responsibility I found that I didn’t have much time to be with my work as I was running around greeting people and offering drinks and orginising people or gather around for the speech was hard because a lot of people turned up and apparently 7.30 which was designated speech time also happened to be one of the busyest times. However the night went very well and I was extreemly proud and feel that all the hard work payed off.

Once I finish with university I intend to move back to london and begin to more of a gaming and cosplay based portfolio as I will be able to attend more functions and in doing so create a realtionship with the event orginiseres. I will also be applying for jobs working in studios and assisting photographers, whilst I was in New York I established a professional relationship with the photographer Graham Macindoe who is based in New York who I am eager to assist as he is a photographer I greatly admire. I also visited Ninendo World whilst I was there and Forbidden Planet as they occasionally hold events in their stores for gaming and cosplay and had a meeting with their managers of the store to talk about the possibility of coming over and photographing their events. With any luck in 6 months time I will eaither be assisting Graham Macindoe or working as a photographer for ComicCon or AnimeCon. Idealy in a few years time I would like to be a photographer for games companys such as Ubisoft who created the Assassins Creed games. My dream is to move to New York which is where I see my self living in at least two years and whilst gaming photography and Cosplay are my passions I would also love the opertunity to work for the sculpter and painter Elizabeth McGrath who is also based in New York and I am currently trying to contact her to see about the possibility of assisting her in some way aswell. I have alos been able to orginise some work at my college working with my old art teachers, in particular helping them develop a photography department, I plan that once a photography department has been formed to talk to Jonathan Worth about bringing the students into the univeristy’s online classes Picbod and Phonar so that they can develop their skills and have an great mentors. I plan to stay there between 6 months to a year because hopefully by that point I will be working for a AnimeCon or a magazine, however if I am not I will aim to get my teaching qualifications so that I could teach photography one day. I also have a back up as I know that establishing myself as a photographer can be difficult and takes a lot of time and money, I will also need a job when I return. So have deicded that I am also going to apply for a job in a funeral home and hopefully after a year of training gain my qulifications as an embalmer, this is something I have considered doing before I decided to come to university and in doing this it will also allow me the time I need to build up and even better portfolio.


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