The Opening Night.

What a successes!! The opening night was fantastic and I am very proud of the hard work and effort not only from my self but from everyone who took part.
The night started at 6 however I had arranged that we arrive earlier just as a final run through, admittedly it took a small amount of time before people started to flood in but not to long, this is due to the fact that was also other degree shows on at the time so this naturally would happen. I had bought for the night 4 box’s (4 litres each) two white two red and three bottles of Cava for the alcohol of the evening, it doesn’t seem like to much this is because I was informed the day before that the SU will also be providing alcohol for the night. For the people that don’t drink i also bought some juice, apple and orange as they are widely the most popular. My job for the night was obviously to be there with my work but also to mingle and offer drinks to people, as my work was also at the front I put the desk with drinks and information to the side near by where I was so I could give some information out and offer out the drinks whilst always being with my work. At 7.30pm I had arranged it to be the time for speeches and awards, as I am not a very good public speaker and neither is Hazel I asked people in the class who would be willing to do it and Sean said he didn’t mind, I was relieved when he said he would do it because he is easily one of the best speakers in the class and I am clearly the worst. I also asked Paul Smith if he wouldn’t mind saying a few words as he was with us through out, if Jonathan Worth had been there we would have asked him as well and at the end of both speeches I went and presented the gifts to Amber for all her hard work and effort she put into curating this show, Ambers mum and dad for all the help and support they gave us through thr 3 days in the gallery setting up and also Jenni’s dad. Paul also got a bottle of champers to say thank you to him for his support not only for the degree show but through out the three years. The night concluded around half 9- 10 like planned and was cleaned up early next morning ready for the first shifts to be taken in the space.


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