‘Another Fucking Superhero’

This project was centered on my own personal alter ego Rei, a persona I’ve lived with since my childhood. This project inspired me to delve deeper into the topic of alter ego’s again using my own alter ego as the center point, however this time looking at the fine line between virtual and real life. Over 91 million play video games and with this in mind we can safely say that most people live in both a virtual and real life reality. By focusing on self-representation, I explored my own and three other peoples relationship with the notions of fantasy and reality, specifically our relationships with their virtual characters.

Looking at the works by Mariko Mori, David Hill, Trey Ratcliff, Gregg Segal and Game photographer ‘Dead End Thrills’ for inspiration to create an element of fantasy through my work, especially DET which is photographs taken in games. Hill and Ratcliff work in HDR, providing a level of aesthetic fantasy that works within the boundaries of game stills. Mori and Segal I used for their raw beautiful aesthetic within their images. With this in mind i decided to go to New York to take my images because of its electric skyline and atmosphere, to contrast with the reality in which Rei lives.

It was in New York when I decided that the photo’s I wanted to take of Rei wouldn’t work well, the images where tense and did not represent the connection between myself and Rei. It was here I decided that I would take the Sailor Moon photo’s in New York and would create a transformation sequence between me and Rei. This inspired me to focus on how we as a population use superhero’s as a scapegoat to deal with world crisis, I showed this by using my own character, Sailor Moon. For my video I decided I wanted to draw inspiration from manga and anime, not just Sailor Moon but also Uta Kata and Cardcaptors as they are famed for their transformation scenes. Using final cut presented me with some problems which I overcame by taking tutorials.

Overall I am happy with my project and can see it progressing further and exploring other avenues such as installations and immersive experiences for the viewer. Producing a video that I was happy with was the part in which I found to be the most difficult as I am not overly confident with using final cut, however I feel that my video conveyed my relationship with Rei well and that was the desired effect. I am delighted with the images produced in New York and here in Coventry and think they really worked well.


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