Rei Transformation video.

When I started editing the  video I used completely because I know how to use it and thought it would be good for the video, I soon realised that it wasnt the best tool to use to make  the type of video I wanted. It was good for making presentations and things but not really cutting it for the transformation video I have in mind, so I switched deciding that Final Cut Pro would be best. I havn’t  used final cut before so I was a bit sketchy at first with it as it is so much more complicated then simple little iMovie and if i’m honest I don’t really think I have completely come to grips with it yet but I am pleased with how the video has turned out.

I decided to edit the images individually because its a stop motion film so each images needed to be treated, I wanted to show movement not only in the way  I posed but also in the background and the movement in the images as a whole. This in turn made making the video easier because it meant that editing wasnt as hard or as intense. I chose typical anime colours for the background and transitions between images, I also decided that through the images the colours should change so that by the end it had gone from bright colours to slightly darker colours with swirls and sun flares coming across the body for the transformation.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 16.14.33 I decided that in Final Cut I would add in some nice video transition effects to make it look more tacky and cliche, as I am not a genuis in Final Cute Pro it doesnt look quiet as tacky as I wanted and I didnt really want to ask anyone for help as I wanted to accomplish making this video on my own. I decided to use title effects for the lights on the video because they created a nice flow between images, and it helped make the video stream better and make it more dreamy.


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 16.25.53Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 16.26.02 Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 13.31.55


When it came the music I used creative commons to find a background song I though was appropriate for the video, because its Rei  I knew it would be quiet dreamy and slowish because you cannot have harsh fast paced music when the images of her of a slow fantasy feeling around them.
Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 10.51.48


I am really happy with the way the video turned out and I think it is a nice add on to the work, I also think it help create a narrative to the work as well. I have planned the video so that it will be in the middle of both the New York finals and the Postcards so that when you walk around my exhibition you have a route to follow. This video meant a lot to me as it was a visual representation of myself turning into my alter ego,  before I had just shown images of be dressed as her and been photographed but now this is showing me being transformed into her. When I first started doing work with my alter ego I was insanely nervous and apprehensive even after I made the photos in Phonar but now I am completely comfiterble with showing her off and I think this video has helped massively.


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