Finals lay out

For the degree show I have decided I want to try and create  some kind of narrative running though it, by this I  mean that when you start you are going to go through a transition. At the beginning I have decided that the New York finals will the first, this is because they are (other then the film) the boldest images, they are also to me the most important of the three works I am presenting in this exhibition. I like them as my starting point because they are striking and as I intend to   print them off in A3 to add more of a statement, I had originally hoped to print them bigger alas funding has been  tighter after paying to go to New York but I am confidant that printing them on A3 will work just as well.

One  Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Two Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Three  Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli


As you walk round from the photos, you come the video of the transformation from myself to my alter ego Rei. I decided to put this in the middle because I felt that to put it at the beginning or end would make my work extremely unbalanced when hanging up, I had previously debated putting it at the beginning because of being so bright and in your face the viewers eyes would naturally be drawn to it straight away, however having it in the middle works out well because when you walk into the instillation you can watch that and the proceed to look at the images, I also intend to use the light from the video to me a secondary light source to my work.

floor plan

floor plan

The images at the end will pretty basic when it comes to being hung up, just 19 photos pined to the wall ready for people to take down and have a look at, I am hopefully going to be able to use some of the magnets in the photography room as I think it will be an easy way to manoeuvre the images around the board and make it easy for the viewers to look at and to take away, just as long as all magnets are there on the board at the end. I have put them at the end for the obvious reason that when people leave I want them to feel like the can physically take something of my project away with them. I really just want the experience the audience feels through out my exhibition is to enjoy it and not to filled to weighed down with information or rhetorical questions about life, the only thing I want them to question is the facts and information i have placed on the cards, but that is also something that can be taken away so again its not in your face BAM BAM BAM.


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