New York Day 8.

Finally after a week in New York we where going to spend an afternoon with the photographer Graham Macindoe,  after our last brief meeting Ria and I where so excited to meet him again and to be shown around some galleries.  We arranged to meet up with him in Chelsea at 1 and visit some of the Galleries there, as it turns out a lot of the lecturers at Parsons university own their own galleries around there as well so we had the opportunity  to see some of their work as well.

Ria Joynes, Graham Macindoe and Alexi Cirelli

Ria Joynes, Graham Macindoe and Alexi Cirelli

As well as meeting Graham Macindoe, we also had the opportunity to meet one of his students called Chris Haney. Chris joined us on our afternoon outing which was great because it gave Ria and I an opportunity to form a kind of professional relationship with him allowing us to have a “contact” in New York. However it also provided us with the chance to meet another undergrad photographer who is extremely talented and soon to be moving to London to study at Goldsmiths university.  Walking around the galleries we visited with Graham Macindoe cast a hole new light on the way I looked around and experienced a gallery. As we looked at the photographs he slyly  forced us to look at different aspects of the image, to visually dissect it in our minds and reconstruct it to get the meaning and to consider how it was presented. Causing us to think more about how we would present our own work in the degree show and challenge how we had originally planned to present our work.

Ria Joynes, Chris Haney and Alexi Cirelli

Ria Joynes, Chris Haney and Alexi Cirelli

When we first went to meet Graham Macindoe I was insanely nervous because aside from our lecturers and Jon Levy, he was the only established photographer I had met and I am also a massive massive fan of his work and have so much respect for it and him. However now I have met him and it has completely heightened my relationship I had to his work and changed slightly the way I perceive it, as I have now met him when i look at the images he takes (for an example the stuff on addiction) I feel more a connection with it, I can see the man I met and remember the conversations we had whilst in the galleries with Ria and Chris. Its amazing how meeting someone who’s work you already admire can suddenly change the way you look at something and I feel it has changed for the better.


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