New York Day 7, Columbus Circle

I decided I needed more shots  for the Sailor Moon series to add some context to the work I had done in Times Square, also because I felt that taking her out of a busy place and putting her where it seemed empty yet bright would add something to the images. I like the idea of the hero walking alone through streets that look like they should be busy, kind of gives me the feeling of the hero looking for people to save but there arnt any. I like the idea of the hero just basically being made redundant or something, just no longer needed and now its lost.

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Copyright; Alexi Cirelli

Copyright; Alexi Cirelli

Copyright : Alexi Cirelli

Copyright : Alexi Cirelli

Even though this is a Sailor Moon cosplay and technically I haven’t done it correctly because i have not got the hair or the boots, I think it works better like this. I feel it adds the notion of the hero basically giving up that she’t not even bothering with her full disguise, or even that as she is not needed that the life of the super hero is fading and she is becoming just a normal ordinary person. I am a massive fan of the first image I have loaded here and I think would work well as a final in with two from Times Square, I also think that I would like to do less glitzy photos and tone it down more. But not to be used a big print more like something that could be picked up and looked at by the audience, smaller then A4 though. Just to really hit home the idea of the redundant super hero, and  I think I would like to take them home in coventry.

The idea’s I had for the Rei photo-shoot is changing, I feel that because I have got some great bright and vibrant images of Sailor Moon I would need to have something the same for Rei, however she has never been one for the glitz like that, I have always envisaged her to be alone somewhere, however now I think that if I where to photograph her in an urban environment she would look like some kind of run away bride which isnt something I want and I feel it wouldnt work well with the series. So i’ve decided that as I do plan on making a video, i should make a tacky typical transformation video like what you would see in an Anime or Manga using Rei as the hero.


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