Kick Ass.

Its impossible to talk about the idea of real life super heros and not talking about the Comic turned film, Kick Ass. The film is about  a teenage boy called Dave Lizewski, a high school nobody who sets out to become a real life super hero and calling him self “Kick Ass”. However in doing so he gets caught up in a bigger fight between an ex cop turned hero called ‘Big Daddy’ and his eleven year old vigilante  daughter code name ‘Hit Girl’ vs a ruthless drug lord Franc D’Amico and his son ‘Red Mist’.

kick ass

kick ass

This is a great film! Even if it is at first hard to get over the fact that there is violence preformed by a child pretty much this film received high reviews from both critiques and the audience, and has even now ( like most big films) gained a cult following. But what isit about these films that are so likeable? Isit the idea that we can become a super hero if we decided to? All we need is a costume and the idea of conviction behind us? As I seem to keep saying sense I started this project is that the idea to re-create ourself’s is just to enticing and at any opportunity we will, and here is a film of people who do it, but at the same time they save the world.. well in this case they stop a drug lord and have insanely cool gadgets and a little girl with a freakishly good aim. Its funny that between 2007-2010 was the mark of the first world debt crisis, and oh look a super hero film!! Its almost like the film companies are saying “hey don’t worry about money issues but come pay £9 to see a film that has no real impact on your real life but will transport you to a world free of debt and super heros”. Not really the best solution to a world issue that is crippling countries, but it will take your mind off things.  Whenever there is a issue like this, it seems our solution is  some form of hero! And right now it seems like Vampires are all the rage, i’ve said it once and ill say it again, thanks Edward Cullen.

None the less the idea of being able to change our self and become someone else, is attractive its the reason I love Cosplay, why you the gamers like to play World of Warcraft (WOW) or a game where you play as a bad ass assassin on the run from the government. And there is never a shortage of super hero’s to reinforce this notion, I mean the Marvel universe is over 7000 characters, and growing (and heads up, Kick Ass is Marvel).  Thats over 7000 superhero s and villains to choose from, and then there is the DC universe as well to take into consideration, which is almost as high. So basically, with all these hero’s from two universes alone to distract us we will never notice another world crisis again.


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