Real Life Super Heros.

When I was looking at my photos of Sailor Moon I had taken in New York I got the feeling of a lost superhero, someone trying to good in the world and not being noticed, or a hero that had given up the fight. I thought of how it seems that after every disaster in the world there is an uprise of superhero’s, like our go to response to deal with a issue is to invent or bring to life a super hero who’s valour and honour will save us all from our problems. But how has this solution effected the general public in the every day life? Well for one a cult seems to have developed of real life super hero’s, I recently watched a program on 40D about ‘real life super heros’ and their story. Three guys across England decided to apone them selfs to become  time vigilantes and protect their neighbourhoods from crime, they dreamed of being the village hero’s saving damsels in distress, stopping major crime lords and thugs and saving the defenceless from burning houses. Kitted out with their super hero disguises and right on their side they go out into the night looking for these crimes to solve without any real concern for their safety and often finding them selfs strolling the streets all night helping drunk people into taxis, however this does not stop them from going out and doing what they feel is making a difference.

Superhero's of Suburbia ,40D

Superhero’s of Suburbia ,40D

All this about the “lost super hero” is really making me challenge where I have been going with my project, before it was just about our relationships with the virtual and real life presents, and how we as humans are uncontrollably drawn to the idea of being able to change our selfs and re create who we are. I never really seriously considered the idea of going down the Super hero road, however I feel that if I had  I may have over complicated things earlier and I wouldn’t have ended up with the images that I have. They seemed to work better with out forcing my self to look frustrated or fed up, they looked more natural and in turn have made my decision to take the super hero rout more natural and fluid.


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