Times Square Final.

Out of the images I took in Times Square, this one is my favourite. I like it because it reminded me of a tv program I watched just before I went away to New York about real life super hero’s. The show was about how these three ordinary men decided that they wanted to become super hero’s and they would go out each night dressed in their super hero attire (never going as a commercial hero, i.e Superman or Spiderman or Batman) but as one they invented, and they would look for crimes to solve and people to save. Its funny that how after any world crisis or war happens, there is a sudden uprise in the market for Hero’s, and it seems that now our hero’s are Vampires.. thank you Edward Cullen! I remember when we took this image I feeling abit frustrated with people walking past me and walking into the shot, feeling slightly un-noticed as someone who was doing work and not walking around trying to get tourists to have photo’s with me. And again when I look at this image of me dressed in my favourite cosplay, I get the feeling of a ‘washed up superhero’, someone like Hancock.

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

Copyright: Alexi Cirelli

This feeling I am getting when I look at this image of me is starting to make me question my approach to my work, obviously I was going to have to look at this superhero craze and the influences that has on peoples relationships with virtual and reality. But I had intended to look at it from a comic/ graphic novel point of view and not really how films and games would have an influence. However we consider the characters in games to be hero’s or villains, so I should consider the role they play in that sense. This idea is also making me consider changing what I originally planned for this project, and that maybe I should leave the idea ( not completely) of having the four different aspects of the virtual like what I said and maybe concentrate on my influences. So that would be Sailor Moon and Rei.


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