New York Day 4.

Today was a day dedicated to going to The Met and MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in the morning and then finally after weeks of waiting, meeting the photographer Graham Macindoe for the first time. Sitting outside the Met after we had gone in and had a look around, I couldn’t help but catching myself feeling immersed in the buzz about the place, from the taxi’s going passed in their masses to the country singers at the foot of the stairs entertaining everyone with their smooth voices and bass.

outside the Met

outside the Met

We stayed sitting on the steps for a while just enjoying the atmosphere, and feeling particularly touristy I must say. And I was thinking that this would be a great place for the Sailor Moon photo’s. As it was busy and had a good vibe about it that would add some atmosphere to the work.
Ria Joynes, The Met

Ria Joynes, The Met

Alexi Cirelli, The Met

Alexi Cirelli, The Met

Later in the afternoon we went to Parsons university, which is where Graham Macindoe works. To have a quick meeting with him and to organise when we would next meet up with him and go and look around some galleries. Whilst we where there we also met some of the photography students that go there, in particular a guy called Chris Haney who is coming to study in England for a year at Goldsmiths. We decided that in a few days we would go and have a look around Chelsea at some of the galleries there.


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