New York Day 3.

On the third day we decided to explore Central Park and the Natural History Museum. I wanted to visit Central Park because as I imagine my photo’s of Rei to have an element of fantasy in them and I feel Central Park will be the best place to capture that feeling.

Central Park,  Essex House. New York

Central Park, Essex House. New York

In the middle of the park we found ‘Belvedere Castle’, a small castle that you can walk through and when you get to the top you get a great view of the city, its also great for Bird watchers with many alcoves for visitors to look out.
I decided that this would have been a great place to do my photo shoot for Rei as it was high up so i could incorporate the vivid city scape mixed with the the fantasy setting of the castle.
However when we went back to enquire about doing a shoot here, I was told that it wouldn’t be possible because I needed to shoot at night and it wouldn’t be open for use. Also it would be dangerous to go through the park, so I guess that wasnt the best idea. But it got me thinking that there is a place local to me in Coventry that would work just as well, if not better for my Rei photo’s, Coombe Abbey. Going to Coombe Abbey is an old country manor in Coventry which is perfect for my shoot and im shocked I didnt think of this before.


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