New York Day 2.

The first day was dedicated to exploring the city, and I must say I was very overwhelmed by the enormity of the city. Ria and I decided to abit of sight seeing and went to the High Line, I had originally planned to take my images of Rei here so I really wanted to check the place out properly incase I needed to look for somewhere else.
The High Line is a transformed abandoned rail line that runs above Chelsea, with plenty stairs to get on and off along the way there are many opportunity’s to get some good photos and enjoy the sun and the horticulture. As Chelsea is the arty district of New York there was a swarm of students going to near by universities and tourists enjoying the views. I really enjoyed walking around here but it was so packed i couldnt really see how i could get an image i was pleased with for Rei, no where really screamed at me as a good location that was perfect Rei. The hustle and bustle of the place made is almost impossible to take a decent touristy photograph, with people barging left, right and centre.

High Line, New York

High Line, New York

Even though I really loved the High Line, when I got there I didnt really feel it would work as a setting for my photoshoot of Rei, or Sailor Moon. But Chelsea its self was an interesting place and we had decided that with our meeting with Graham Macindoe coming up, it would be best to save the Chelsea sights till then.
Ria Joynes and myself at The High Line. New York

Ria Joynes and myself at The High Line. New York


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