Rei and Sailor Moon

As part of my research i said that i would like to go out in Coventry dressed as my favourite anime character, Sailor Moon. I have Cosplayed as her before in conventions and it was alot of fun, but I would like to experience what it would like to bring her into my everyday life away from a social setting where everyone else is dressed in cosplay. Thats where dressing as her in Coventry came into play, I planned to do this with my good friend Daisy who also enjoy’s cosplaying. However with me going to New York on monday I decided that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take Sailor Moon with me, as I have already spent a night out in Coventry dressed as the anime character I felt i needed to take her somewhere where no one knows who i am already and that way i would be leaving ‘Alexi’ behind and embodying the character and basically bringing her to life and photographing it. The more I do this project i feel that it would be good to use Sailor Moon in my work because in a way she is also an alter ego of mine, and when I go to cosplay conventions I never go as anyone else.

Sailor Moon and Rei

Sailor Moon and Rei

I think whilst i’m in New York i will have to find some little bits and pieces to add to both costumes, just so I can add more personality to them and make them feel more real. I aim to spend a day in each alter ego and photograph the day, exploring New York as i go. Out of these images i hope to find my final piece, but i will also be doing some posed shoots and also making my short video. I am nervous and excited about doing this because it will be an experience and i feel that because i am going to be in New York i can almost get away with it, i feel like it gives me lee way to go all out with the images and create some extravagant images, however i’m nervous as well because it will be something i’m not used to, because of it being somewhere where no one else is dressed or a fan of cosplay.


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