Taking Rei to New York

In a weeks time i will be taking my first steps in the big apple, other wise known as New York baby! As you know i am going to be photographing my own alter ego Rei for my final piece and i’ve decided the best place to do it is in New york, on some high point in new york with an electric sky line. I feel that New York offers a perfect blend of what is virtual and what is real and the only other city that i think could offer the same is Tokyo.

New York

New York


My Alter ego Rei has been with me ever sense i was a child, hence why she’s very doll like in appearance, i’ve always thought of her as the creative side of me, as if she’s the force behind my ideas. I also feel as if she i the voice inside my head pushing me to do better and to work harder, she’s also the person i feel that makes me stronger and provides me with the confidence i need to be able to go into the world on my own. From her all my quirkiness was born, but she is more then just that she’s also the woman i want to become one day, maybe not in physical appearance because she is in all white and white isn’t really my colour. We all have that vision of what we want to look like when we are all grown up and Rei is what helps me reach that vision. When i did the #Phonar project on her it wasnt about the relationship between myself and Rei, it was more about her and the step i took in introducing her to the people around me who had never known of her existence, and then letting someone photograph her- not me dressed up.

Rei from RRAlexi on Vimeo.

This time round its about how i bring her in to my life, and how the line between her and my self is becoming blurred, im going to show this as if i am setting her free in New York, so i am going to spend an day dressed as her in the big apple and capturing it. Im nervous about doing this obviously because im going to be walking around dressed up and doing everyday things, but also i am reminded of when i had a meeting with Jonathan Worth, he said ” every time a student comes to university for the first time or indeed a new school, they offered the opportunity to change them selfs, to re create who they are” so i feel that this will offer me the opportunity to re create my self in New York as i am indeed going somewhere where no one knows me.


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