Me and Daisy Ware-jarrett research idea.

522897_10151768699595697_1373633490_n Jon Levy suggested in our last meeting with him that Daisy and i work together for some of our research seeing as we are both looking at similar topics. Daisy is looking at consumerism and fantasy where as im looking at the fine line between online fantasy and reality. We both enjoy Cosplay and Daisy is also one of my subjects for my final piece in dressed as her virtual character from the Anime ‘kore wa zombie desu ka’ , dressed as Haruna. We both love to cosplay but neither of us have dressed up in our costumes outside of places where others have been dressed in their Cosplay out fits or if we were going some where that was a dress up theme, so we thought it would be a great idea for both our projects to go out as our online characters ( for this i will go out as Sailor Moon who is my online character, and not Rei who is my alter ego) to experience what it would be like to bring our cosplay into our everyday life. So one day next week we are going out for the day dressed up, for me it will be good as i want to experience having my online character with me in real life, or should i say becoming her for the day. As my project is about people blurring the line between their online life and their real life so going out in the outfit will help me understand it better for my project. Daisy is looking at how the snapshot or bringing realism into a fantasy idea can make it more relatable to the viewer, by us going out in our costumes she will see how the public react to a fantasy character placed in reality. It will also give her a sense of what works and what doesn’t. 

images images-1


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