Jon Levy Notes Task 2

I found my talk with Jon Levy today really helpful, he suggested that Daisy Were-Jarrett and i work together for some of this project as we are both looking into fantasy but daisy is looking at it from a consumerism angle where as i’m looking into the  virtual and the real world side of it. This is really useful especially as  Daisy is also one of my subjects for my final piece, she is the Haruna character i spoke about in my task two bullet points. I think the fact that she is already a good friend of mine and we share some of the same interests when it comes to things like Cosplay that it will help me with my work when it comes to her part. But it also adds the pressure of  exactly right to how she imagines her character in the real world, obviously im going to be striving to get it accurate but at the same time they cant be to fantasy looking as the idea behind the work is the blurred line between the virtual and the reality. This is where i think HDR photography will come in handy because if done correctly it will turn an average looking subject ( be it a person or landscape) into a wonderful image filled with colours the eye couldn’t see just by looking at it. 


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