Jon Levy Task 2 Feedback.

– Will your images be very real life or will the environments act like triggers to your subject? I feel like you should make it feel like triggers, where the lines between the  virtual and real life blur together.

-Maybe have it like a documentary of the virtual an when people come back to reality?

-Or maybe it should be taken from the approach of when the reality become the virtual? Like when your playing a game and you decide to get all the cheats instead of doing it the long way, and your basically invincible with all the money and all the weapons what do you do?

– Look at the game ‘Saints Row’ basically like GTA but if you have all the cheats you can literally do anything! And is that the point, being able to live in a world with out limits? where anything is possible, what do you do when you have to come back to reality where there is limitations?

-In a world full of limits how do you bring a world with out it into the real world? How are you (me) going to bring the fantasy into our world? You could project these fantasy skylines on to your subjects? Blending both real and fantasy together.

-Try not to make the pictures look like portraits, thats already been done and try not to cross on to territory that has already been crossed. This should be about the blurred line between the worlds. They should be more like snapshots, but well crafted snapshots.

-Work with Daisy, both of your works are similar but from different angles, think of your selfs as producers handing the camera to your selfs. Especially as she is one of your subjects you need to understand how her perception of  world her character lives in works.

– Think of the idea of limitless control in virtual worlds, in real life.

-Make limitless and real life connections, its all about what you do with the place.

– As one of the images is of a person who doesn’t look like your typical hero, try not to make them look awkward, like the person who lives for these games but is uncomfortable in the real life. Try to capture their personality.

-When doing your own alter ego, ask your self why you want to be in the project and maybe for your self do a portrait of you and of your alter ego.

– For Rei you say your able to get everything you need in New York, but for the others your going to need to work closely with your subjects to see what they imagine.

-One day will we blur between the lines of limitless power and real life?




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