The best Game photography ever.

“Game photography you say?” yes i say. Its amazing, you may question what is the point of game photography? its just snap shots of a game or virtual world. But these images are carefully done with as much consideration into composition and planning as you would take with any professional photography. With spectacular effects and lighting already offered to you from the game all you need is a high enough rez to create some fantastic works of art and photography that are inspiring. With little or no editing, what you is grabbed in game is what you see. No wonder people get addicted to games like Skyrim and world of war craft when worlds this are created for you to live in, and how hard it must be to pull away from it back to reality. I found these images when i was looking for Game photography and found an article by Video Game Tourism, about in game photography and was mesmerised by these images are they are perfect for what  i want to do for my video idea. Of course it will never be as fantasy based as these images but with the right locations we could bring the fantasy to the real world. Bring these characters to live in our domain.


‘Soul Edge’


‘Gorilla Tactics’


‘At The End Of The Day’

'Fade To Myth'

‘Fade To Myth’

'Onward and Upward'

‘Onward and Upward’

'Liquid Sword'

‘Liquid Sword’




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