Jon Levy Task Two

200 Hundred words:

Freedom: each person interprets that word differently, yes it has its actual meaning but what does that word mean to you? To me its the feeling of knowing i can be what ever i want, for the characters i imagine in my head or i see on my screen to come to life. More then anything i want the characters of fantasy to become reality, to see real world and the virtual world collide together. I have always been a massive fan of fantasy art and im a massive gamer so i want to bring my two loves together to create something that others can relate to. Through video and photography i want transform what i see in front of me into a fantasy world, using my own and other peoples alter egos as guides. I want to create a video using two camera’s to create a glitchy game like feel to keep it tied in with the virtual world, and use photography to create snap shot like images. 

5 Key images i wish to make: 

As i do not have all the characters yet i find it hard to visualise what i want exactly for each, i have two already lined up and know roughly what i’m going to do. 

  • Rei, she is my alter ego and i want to show her on a high rise building, somewhere where i can see skyline that is electric. Somewhere like New York or Tokyo, and seeing as i’m going to New York soon what better opportunity is there? 
  • My good friend likes to Cosplay as the Anime character Haruna, who kills zombies with her pink chain saw. So i want to photograph her sitting on a bridge somewhere with busy streets at sunset to really contrast with her cute girls appearance. But when it comes to other peoples to alter egos its important get as much of their imagination in the image. 
  • I imagine photographing someone who doesn’t look like your average hero, a guy who’s skinny instead of muscular type thingm looking at the world ahead about to go out to an adventure.

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