Jon Levy Task 1.

For our first task with Jon Levy we had to create our dream portfolio, it would consist of work by practising photographers and had to be between 12-18 images. The portfolio had to be of images/photographers that first inspired us to be a photographer, and then the type of work i hope to be creating after i leave university. In my portfolio i used  Tony Oursler, Christian Boltanksi as the people that first inspired me and Annie Leibovitz and David Hill to reference the work i want to produce. 

Tony Oursler:

tony-oursler-just-one-molecule-away-2009-metro-pictures-new-york-via-metro-pictures pic1 Christian Boltanski:

237748999_d35957d0c9 3436519198_7900e57c72_z christian_boltanski_monument_odessa_d5631763h boltanski imagesI chose these two artists as the people that inspired me because i didn’t feel like they where constricted to being just photographers, they worked on installations and sculptures using photography as a tool. And i loved it, it was this type of work that attracted me to photography. Even though they are both pretty different with their working style and focus i always group them together because their installations are always so grand and epic in some ways that you have no choice but to be drawn to them. 

Annie Leibovitz:

2005-angelina-jolie-by-annie-leibovitz-07 russell-brand Annie-Leibovitz-s-Disney-Dream-Portrait-Series-disney-1361373-2000-13002 The-Little-Mermaid-annie-leibovitz-1518887-1600-1058 Annie-Leibovitz-s-Disney-Dream-Portrait-Series-disney-1361376-2000-1333 David Hill:

dave-hill-photography-4 9 dhb6 I love the idea of doing big production pieces, and i really love these photographers work. HDR has always been something i’ve wanted to try and do sense first year and i think that now in my final year its the perfect time to try. I love the surreal world in which these photographers have created here and i think its a great form of escapism to be able to create these worlds for the viewers. I always feel lost in the photo when i look at this work and its something i want to create for my own  viewers. 


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