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As a photographer i need to understand that times change and that if i want to get anywhere with my photography i need to be also be able to use film/ video as it seems to be something employers are looking for. And so i’ve thought, what better way to get a kick start and actually produce something that is both film and photography. I’ve always been big on music videos and been interested in how they have been made and when i saw the new ‘Bring Me The Horizon- Shadow Moses’ video i was instantly mesmerised by it and wanted to create something like that for my final project, i also thought it was an extra reason for my trip to New York in April. With landscapes as amazing as the big apple and the idea of setting free alter egos it would be a perfect opportunity. And i have enough time to master the techniques i need to pull it off. As a bit of back research i’ve been talking to people online finding out what it is about virtual worlds that has them so hooked, but as i branch out i find that its not just people creating avatars online and living through them as a form of escapism, its also things like AnimeCon and ComicCon that allow these people to become what and who they want for the day, and its accepted. I Cosplay, not as avidly as some people but i Cosplay as Sailor Moon, my favourite anime and manga princess and i’d say i’m obsessed with her and the stories. I have a friend who Cosplay’s as Link from Zelda. Its all about becoming your favourite character for a day and leaving the old you behind. Basically the same as when i dressed up as Rei, it felt like i left the old me behind, when you transform your self its like you can be anything and its ok because your not the old you. I think its an interesting idea that people can connect with games and all things virtual in a way they sometimes cannot connect with living things, or the way we connect to fictional characters and how we wish they where real.  This is why i want to create the video, to make it seem some how game like, to ask people to wear their costumes and transform into the characters they feel a part of and let me film it, to create some virtual world they can be part of and make it glitchy like a game with music. Its freedom on a loop. There are plenty of places that can offer a great setting to work with and what better then New York for Rei. 

Link From Zelda

Link From Zelda

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon



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