The formations of an idea for the Degree show.

I have always loved fantasy art, gaming and the idea of heros living in magical worlds. People would call that nerdy, i call it imaginative. And doing the alter ego work has made me want to explore the parallel universe concept even more. When  i was doing the Rei work i always wanted to get in contact with people who play online games making their alter ego’s as the online world is full of them, but i didn’t have the time and now i do. However i want to go in a new direction from the Rei work, i’m looking to bind photography and illustration together. I was looking at artist Luis Royo and H.R Giger, and their work is so phenomenal that i really want to find a way to incorporate it into my work somehow. I’ve been playing around with two ideas.

1) i want to create some type of fantasy world that a person can step into using projections. Obviously space will be an issue but the idea is to some how create a space a person can walk into and do a 360 and see a landscape including characters so it feels like physically walking into a fantasy land. Im going to look at  online games like world of war craft and Skyrim to get inspiration and draw inspiration form my surrounding environment and my trip to New York. To make the characters i think it would be great to use peoples alter egos. Because then its like some fantasy place where they live and its more like exploring their space. How ever i also understand that getting people to open up about that is going to be hard, so if that doesn’t work i would also like to get ordinary people and transform them. As i plan to combine illustration and photography, im going to firstly take a basic photograph of a person’s face and draw it to practice drawing the face, and from that get the person into a studio to get some posed photographs. From these posed images i’m going to build up using illustration and photoshop create a character. And with the finished character profiles i would have prints of them out side the projection so if people want to see they can look at the characters clearly.

2)  Going along the lines of a character profile type thing, if i cant do the projections i would like to create a series of portraits of the characters i create. By using the same process as before, by creating layers of photography and illustration to create a character. 

Ive already done two drawings to try and capture and practice drawing someones face, i want to try and get away from the stereotypical heros and damsels, like insted of having hench men, have skinny guys being the heros ect. I also want to draw inspiration from anime and graphic novels to add some more texture to the images.


These are like quick 30 min sketches, just to practice the face shape. When it comes to actually drawing the characters and all that they will be much more detailed. 


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