Richard Stacy on the Social Media Revolution, Lecture Notes

In Richard’s own words:

I help organisations understand how to deal with the social media revolution. Before social media came along, I was as a public relations consultant, working for international agencies in London, Sydney, Brussels and Prague within the Saatchi & Saatchi / Publicis Groupe network.

‘Does Photography need photographers?’ Will sharing inconsequential data have huge consequences ?’ are just some of the provocative questions that #phonar will be responding to this week’

People cant live without social media these days, my flat mate basically self combusts with out facebook even in her sleep she is logged on to facebook, another is addicted to twitter and has missed trains because of it, i my self was obsessed with refreshing the time line to get the latest tweets like i was doomed with out it. But i was alive when Facebook and twitter didn’t exist and i got on fine so why the dependancy now? God who even remembers Myspace? I remember the days when you had to make efforts to keep in contact with people that live far away from you and whatever but now all ya have to do is make sure your friends on facebook and all will be well, it even makes it easier to stalk people!!  If you want to know what your ex boyfriends new girlfriend looks like (and vice versa) all you gotta do is look on facebook!! But now with apps like Instergram theres a new “Threat” can anyone be a photographer? urm no. u don’t think so. yeah anyone can take a photo run it through some filters and claim to be one but i think theres more to it clearly, but still with this kind of force can photographers compete with it? I mean you do get some nice images and all that that cost nothing to create and distribute because all you do is add a couple of hash tags and click link to facebook and twitter (even tumblr) and its out they BAM! For everyone to see? I feel slightly worried because this is my life to some extents and its a career i want to persue but what about if companies discover they can sell whatever they want or whatever with instergram images? they would be free for starters! And with the pressure photographers are now being subliminally forced to start taking up video as well just to have more to stand on!

[View the story “Richard Stacy for #phonar on the social media revolution” on Storify]


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