Professor David Campbell on Narrative, Power and Responsibilty

I really enjoyed this lecture, i found it really interesting and captivating. Talking about and thinking about narrative and context is really important and when a story understands its own context really makes a piece of work a hundred times better. A piece of work needs to have context and narrative to make it something worth while and will stay with the audience for a while. And in this lecture Campbell takes you through different types of narrative and the nature of reality ect , sharing quotes and stories with us. I really liked the part when Campbell explains the ideas of titles and idea’s after they have happened and when he talks about the French Revolution  “people in the french revolution didn’t know that’s what they were in, the narration/title came later.”  “they only came to be, by a narrator in future generations” and “The nature of reality and the nature of truth. Something becomes to be understood as an event when it’s narrated” I really love these quotes i don’t know why? i think its because in time things that have happened in my life time will one day have their own titles and stories that didn’t exist in my time. So by this point im realising that ‘Narrative’ operates on many different levels.

[View the story “Narrative, Power and Responsibility” on Storify]


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