Pitch #1

This is my first attempt at a pitch and baring that in mind i think it went well, but i feel like something is missing? i feel i sound disconnected to what i’m talking about? Maybe its because by now i feel like i am losing here? and getting a little fed up of being called crazy! Alter egos have no links to schizophrenia i feel i should point out or any other mental illnesses, its more like an imaginary friend much like the ones every single one of us had when we where younger but they just stay with us and grow up with us. Whats the problem with that? Its not like i turn into her when i have a mood swing or sit there talking to my self thinking its her. She’s more mute to me and just stays with me, everyone im sure has at some point wished they where someone else or that they could be something else? change something about them selfs, it may not be an alter ego per say but its where alter egos come from, but most of all isnt it nice just to feel like your bringing something from your childhood with you?  I think i will have to re do the pitch. Here goes. 


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