Mark McGuire: Technologies and Transformational Experiences

Didnt really get this talk if im honest but what i did get sounded good, from what  i got it was all about interacting with art and how to get people involved. I personally dont think as a nation we are very involved with art accept from in shore ditch and all that up and coming area where all the arty fartys live, and i think its a shame even schools and collages dont see the creative arts as real courses and they just seem to get moved aside, but what happened to when the wealth of a country was based on its fine arts, music and creativeness? The last time any of that really mattered was in the Renaissance in Florence.  I thought however the video about the building blocks in Copenhagen where interesting, and i think its a really fun way to get people working together and creating things and i do feel its a good way to create the sense of community. Other then that i didnt find this lecture to interesting i mean it was engaging and i learned alot ( sort of) but it wasnt for me. ]



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