50 Shades of Grey : Re-thinking the Zone system with Mafalda Stasi

This was maybe one of the most bizarre lectures i think i’ve ever sat in my life, a whole lecture about ’50 Shades Of grey’ .. yey. I kind of found this lecture confusing as Mafalda i think didn’t really explain much and got a bit carried away, but i did find the ending rather interesting…. not because it was the ending, but because i think its interesting how from one story something can explode out of it. I knew from day dot that Fifty Shades was an extension of Twilight based on what the author thought  Bella and Edwards sex life was like. But sense that book as come out i’ve noticed books that sort of look like ‘Fifty Shades’ now, like with similar book covers and similar stories. I find it interesting that some people say its on par with porn and all the debates that have appeared about the book from groups and society’s like Bible groups saying its satanic and corupting. But now also theorists are probing into how woman view porn ( again with the porn) and how it differs from men.  I remember seeing on facebook a few times an image with a group of woman on a busy train all reading Fifty Shades with the caption saying ” Woman don’t watch porn, but they will read the fuck out of it”  which i always found interesting and hilarious because i’ve seen tons of woman reading it and that caption just bursts into my head. I’ve never read the book and i’ve never really wanted to i mean i don’t get the hype, it doesn’t appeal to me, but i have friends that have a read it and said it was addictive and after the expected jokes being made of them for reading such a book i wondered why they where so addicted to the book.  I also found it interesting how in the lecture Mafalda quoted from somewhere someone saying that the book was poorly written and had no depth to the story or the characters and that ” if it where a puddle i could walk through it with out even getting my soles  wet, its that shallow” if thats the case then why isit so popular? is it just the sex side of things? After this quote Stasi later goes on to talk about the ‘Yummy Mummy’ target group and how all these types of books are aimed for. I just think the book is strange its not my kind of thing but at the end of the day, this author has made a shed load of money off a poorly written book so they must have been doing something right.

( Ellen Degeneres ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – its hillarious)


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