#Phonar week 2 : The 2000 year old trans-media story

This week’s lecture is the foundation for the #phonar class and details its background. It’s the third time attending students have been asked the questions “What is a photograph?” and “What is a photographer?”. The first year was inside a general introduction to photography, the second was in #picbod (Picturing the body) where we considered the “generative experience” offered by the photograph as artefact, this third time posits the photographer as “publisher” and we begin to sketch out a bigger picture for the digital-image.

I found this lecture really interesting, the whole idea of what a photographer is? And the way in which we get our work out there for the people! At the beginning Jonathan asked who considers them selfs photographers yet and weather or not we want to be photographers, when he asked this i found my self asking those questions. I mean i dont know if i consider my self a photographer yet i mean i guess i am but im not sure, ive always considered my self more of a artist. But then again when  i look through my work and sometimes even facebook i guess i am a photographer. Love it. Its just a journey i need to take now to sending my message in my work.  Unlike analog photography, digital photography has the power to connect, its connected and through it we can produce a dialog. I think thats why i like digital photography so much.


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