Chris Floyd, Lecture Notes.

Chris’ work is in the National Portrait Gallery and has also been recognised by the British & American awards for portrait photography, the Taylor Wessing in 2008 & American Photography in 2008 & 2010. Magazines he has worked for include The New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and ESPN Magazine among many others.

Here Chris talks us through his life in photography from assisting and receiving odd jobs here and there to shooting Paul McCartney for the New Yorker.
(Taken from Phonar)

The Chris Floyd talk i found really useful, not only for #Phonar but for my symposium. I really love the set ups of the photographs i think the lighting is fantastic and just makes the photographs look so effortless but dynamic. Even with the simple poses i feel like every photograph tells a story without over complicating something. I especially love the photographs he took of Sir Andrew lloyd Webber, i think they are just fantastic and really capture him in the moment where it feels like he is defiantly in been pulled into the real world because this man is known for living in a dream world filled with music, i mean this is the man that brought the music of the night to Phantom of the opera by far the best west end and broad way musical in the world ( in my opinion) So without a doubt this is my favourite photograph taken by Chris Floyd.


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