When i was editing it became clear to me that i Rei was kind of fading, it felt so sad when i was doing it, i really felt like she was becoming the background. I know that was kind of my intention, i wanted her to look like she was becoming back of the back ground i wanted her to look alone and sad because in letting someone in and photographing her it was like an invasion in a space shes lived in that another person cant imagine and there for cant see? ( i must sound so crazy) But as i was editing it kind of became more like a good bye? I really felt like i was saying good bye to her in some way or setting her free and im not sure why? This feeling of sadness and goodbyes where not something i thought would happen in this project but its what is running through my veins right now – good bye. The dream like state shes in i do however think really suits the mood and flow of the shoot more then i anticipated which i think makes me more sad because in the beginning it was about me embodying here and now its like im leaving her. Anyway, no more ramblings of a crazy. Have a look.


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