Nadya Ekler

Now that im at the editing stage  of my images im sure i want them to look dreamy, at first i wanted the Macabre look for them but then now i think maybe they will look so cliché and vampire bride like and thats really not what i want. But it got me thinking, the whole point of this is that Rei is being introduced to and outsider, someone looking into a blank canvas of the world rei lives in. But as im growing up she’s fading becoming more like an imagination rather then someone else. I already knew that the use of a tilt shift lens would create a dreamy effect so now i want to add more to it. I went looking for another photographer who created some stunning dream like photographs and i stumbled across this one, Nadya Ekler  and i seriously love her work. As well as portraiture she also does wedding photography that is simply stunning but its her self portraits that caught my attention. 

“To me, photography has always been an art -form, into which I fully immerse myself and devote my entire being. My work is my life, moreover, my love ~ the images encapsulating the afterglow of my dreams when realized.. Precious moments in time from my heart, now yours to discover….
One can never aspire to capture within the frame of the lens tomorrow, that which may be envisioned yet today, for all of life and all of love is an ever evolving adventure, every magical moment worthy to be preserved as a sacred treasure. Portraiture happens to be my specialty, although I have been known to frame the essence of just about anything which I find intriguing.” Nadya Ekler. 

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