Making the dress.

Today i spent my day making the dress for my photoshoot, hand sewed and everything!! I realise now sewing is not as easy as i remember it being, i have sewed before and made dresses but this time round (and i think its to do with the layers) was harder. I started off with 3 different white fabrics 2 where 1 meter and the under netting is 2 meters for added volume. Because i had to roosh the top of the skirt it pulled in the leotard i am using to make the body of the dress and even though i bought it a size up and still has become abit small in the chest area, but it fits nice everywhere else so i can make do with out breathing for a couple of hours…. all in the name of photography- JW be thankful. One the underskirt was done it was basically a matter of adding layers to it, i worked in a slit up the sid of each layer so you would be able to see each later, also i feel it adds shape to the skirt so it wouldnt just fall straight and look frumpy. I then added a chain of white flowers around the seem of where the skirts are added to hide the seems. i do however feel that i need more as it looks rather plane at the moment.
This is it so far.. =) I still need to add sleves and some more little bits just to make it more pretty.


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