Phonar Project Summary.


In this project I am going to be looking at alter egos and my own personal experience with them and also looking at related concepts such as the doppelgänger, impersonator, and split personality. In this project I’m going to be exploring the influences my Alter ego has on me in everyday life. When you think about it an alter ego is the existence of another self, another character developed in the altered state of consciousness but in the same body! During the project I’m going to be looking at and analyzing the macabre short films by the film makers ‘The Brothers Quay’ as I feel that their work bring a perfect harmony of the sinister and a dream like state. As this is a feel I really want to incorporate to my work I thinking looking at the macabre niche is perfect.  I want to use the macabre style because words such as doppelgänger, impersonator, and split personality are used which all have roots to a supernatural and mythical background, especially doppelgänger’s which are supposed to be omens of death and misfortune.  My final piece will consist of a series of portraits in the macabre style where I will embody my alter ego in everyday life. But instead of a world that we currently live and identify ourselves, a parallel world.


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