The scribbling of an idea.

Last night i was out with friends and during an extensive conversation that seemed to cover many areas that where rather random we started talking about what our ‘tags’ where in school- you know them stupid nick names you gave your self and wrote everywhere and was cool for a couple or months/ years (depending on the person) and they you grew up. And i told them mine was ‘Killah Tom’ after the laughter (thanks Genea) they asked why on earth i was called that? The answer is that she was my Alter ego at the time an insanely beautiful and a talented artist. Again causing everyone to laugh and i was even called crazy (not by Genea) because people who have alter egos are crazy and its some kind of mental illness, well i completely disagree with that! Doesn’t everyone have this same kind of idea? Maybe not drastic changed but im sure that we all have some kind of person we wish we could be? My Alter ego has some what changed from back then, well the name is different but i like to remember her as she was a massive part of my development and important to me. But this whole idea of an alter ego got me thinking, the existence of a another self is so interesting to me,another character developed in the altered state of consciousness but in the same body!! Earlier i spoke about ‘The Brothers Quay’ and their work and how i love their work because its so dream like to me and something i relate to and then i look further into the whole alter ego (ill give you some detail later) and mind = blown. What if i could represent everything of my own or maybe another persons alter ego in some way where the original person isn’t shown? To completely become this other character just for a short amount of time? Im reminded of a talk we had with Robbie Cooper last week in #Phonar and he did a collection of work on people and their online avatars from games like World of War Craft and other role play games and i remember having a small connection to this work, i never really liked World of War craft to be honest but i do like the game sims ( though ive never really made my own alter ego in the game) i always connected with the other me through my art and music. I always felt like when i was drawing or in my own world with my music when i was just zoned out from what was around me i was someone else but always myself if that makes sense. Its strange to be writting this expecially at 0’s in the morning when i should be sleeping but guess what…. i was listening to music, and i still am. And it just feels like a good idea to do this work for #Phonar. I want to know what its like for other people and maybe they have their alter egos and wont mind sharing with me who they are? Its so personal even my best friends have no idea about this. One day though guys, i will be her.


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