As Daisy and Genea have pointed out, they have found my style! And apparently its Macabre, Macabre is an art form that has quality of having a grim or ghastly atmosphere. Macabre works emphasize the details and symbols of death. So apparently im morbid? well i suppose i can see why they think this about me i am insanely attracted to the weird and gruesome things in the world and my biggest influences is Tim Burton and Elizabeth McGrath and all my outside university photography is different to my uni work. But this is 3rd year and maybe i should properly start doing what im actually interested in and bringing that into my uni work because if im going to have a career in this profession it will be i suppose ‘Macabre’ looking. When i look back it my art work was very Macabre looking with influences from Gothic Novels and the Quay Brothers. I think its time to review my art projects and see where it takes me. For those of you who dont know what Macabre is here is some images. ( None of these are mine and unfortunitally i couldnt find the names for all of the work, blame google.)


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