Explanation of Task 5

Its been a few days sense i’ve posted the response to the latest task- task 5. So i guess its time for an explanation of it, as you’ve probably guessed its about a very dear friend of mine who sadly passed away just before i came to university and the writing in the video are snippets from a letter she wrote to me before she died, my self and some others received letters from her as she knew she was dying. The line from me is the only thing i remember thinking when i read the letter as by the time we got it she had already passed and so had the funeral. I feel i should tell you what she died from, its a vague memory- not because i wasn’t paying attention or anything like that but i just couldn’t bare to know what killed her. Sarah had struggled for a long time with a liver illness and was on a transplant list for a very long time as the decease she had was extremely rare. She received the transplant in 2009 but three- four months later her body rejected it and she became allergic to her blood type. Like i said its all so hazy in my mind because i just blocked it out. She planned her funeral and she got the last laughs at me by playing one of my favourite songs which made me hysterically laugh during the service and so did my friends around me who’s hands i held so we could all get through this. We where extremely close those girls and i, without each other none of us would have had the strength to pull our selfs together in the weeks that followed sarah’s death. You may wonder about the facebook pages in the video.. its so we can write to sarah. Not just for birthdays and holidays, its for everyday use to let her know about your day and when you need to vent and let her know how much she is missed, its so we can start healing after her death. Its helped me loads. There arnt many photographs of us together, mostly because i didnt like photos of me back then and by the time i wasnt happy with images of me she was ill. Its one of my biggest regrets, that and not spending every moment i could with her when she was ill. I took it all for granted and i thought she would live i knew she would and then it was to late. This video is to show my regret, i was an idiot that believed she couldnt die and now i cant even say goodbye properly. Dont take people for granted you’ll only regret it.


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