A day i wish i never experienced.

It started as a grey normal day, I was in year 9 of Highbury fields and the year 6 students where coming around visiting their potential secoandary school. I remember me and my friends beeing so annoyed with them because for little people they just seemed to take up so much space! It was just after lunch and time for 5th period, urgh I remember having maths at 5th period and I was seriously contemplating ditching it to go to my art room as I did quiet often back then. However I decided I had bunked a few times to many time that week so I went to the lesson anyways. Standing out side the class room being made to listen to my friend yap on about a guy she fancied and wanting to have his babies the tannoy came on with my head teacher telling everyone to come to the main hall straight away. His tone of vioce made it clear something serious had happened and I guess this is where the day went massivly down hill from here. As we entered the main hall the atmosphere was so tense it almost made you feel awkward and sick just being there. We where made to sit down on the floor like children whilst a red faced Mr Mac our head teacher stood there, and I swear it felt like forever till he even spoke. He just stared at us, and he never really looked his age up untill that moment. Out of the corner of my eye I could see in the distance black smoke it didn’t look that far away either maybe about a couple of miles? If that. Finally Mr Mac opened his mouth and started off with “ girls don’t panic” I supose at this point I should mention I went to an all girls school- oh and year 6’s where also ushered into the hall with us. Naturally we started to panic, “ there has been a series of insidents in london’ at that moment I remember thinking dude its london there are always insidents. ‘ look ladies there is no easy way of saying this but, three bombs have gone off in london, the closest one to us is kings cross. We are contacting family members now and you are all to stay here untill a parent or gaurdian can pick you up’… the silence seemed to be screeming at me at that very moment, did he just say bomb? In london? Where my friends and family all lived? Bomb? Kings cross? Where my best friend was ment to be getting a train home just half hour ago? Did she miss the train? Was it on a train? You know that horrible sickness feeling you get when you suddenly realise how helpless you are? Imagin that but with a sudden uproar of screaming and crying of young girls and teachers alike all despratly calling home to find out if their parents are ok and being so frustrated and terrorfied when they couldn’t get through! I remember my frined clinging onto my arm in shock crying her eyes out when her mum wouldn’t answer the phone. I remember just feeling numb and staring out the window. So that’s what the smoke was? Out of every window all you could see was smoke we where surrounded by the stuff. This day for everyone else was the 7th of july 2005- the day of the london bombings. For me, and for every other person who whitnessed it this was the most helpless and horrific day of our lifes.


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