Something personal..

For this weeks task we have been asked to tell a personal story for two mins in front of the class, brilliant. So naturally i spent a week thinking about what i want to share, i mean i have enough stories but i dont know if they are worth the telling? I dont want to relive sad stories because i dont feel everyone needs to know and to be honest the people that do know- already know. And i dont fancy all the mmmm’s n awww’s n the oh my god really’s either. So no emotional stories about a friends death. So next? mmmmmm stories from working in a prison? nah i dont fancy reliving those stories- ill save them for when i have kids and wanna scare the crap out of them. Or when i got punched in my first week of uni? those who know me well a punch in the face doesnt seem that odd as im always the first one there defending my friends, but maybe this will give out the wrong impression of me.. i may be a londoner but im not that ruff scrunchy hair band eastender type of girl ( no offense to those who are i think ur fantastic i just dont have the style to pull it off). So what about the london bombings? My school was right in the thick of it and i will NEVER forget that day out of both sides of the room all i could see was smoke and fire in the distance with screams and hysterical crying shattering the room.. yeah i think ill go with that.


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