The Idea.

So after a lot of debating what to do for this rediculas module, we decided to do something on gender and equality through out the Olympic games, starting from day dot. To start off we decided to look back at when the olympic games started and then working it way through all the major events effecting woman’s rights up un-till now. Covering when woman where first allowed to participate in the games and what sports they where allowed to do, Barack Obama’s speech about equality and the new rules about every country having to have female athlete and the consiquences if a country doesn’t. We have also decided to look at the olympic rings and because we are looking at the whole male female thing, decided to turn two of the rings into the symbols for men and woman. The rings would be made out of clay and painted and standing in the for-ground with two olympic torches next to it, still undecided about weather or not the images taken from the trip will be surrounding or on the torches, if at all used because they don’t really have much to do with the project topic. This for me is a bit touch and go because obviously they are my images and although it is agreed that they do work and look good a few individuals don’t think they go with what our theme is. We have also made a video with an audio recording running though the video discussing all the information we have discovered.
We all had our roles in the making of the video, my main role was of course the images,editing them down and going through them all we kept deciding on using different ones and then finally coming down with the final set which we agreed to use. I also helped find and edit some of the footage used in the video, i found and edited the doubles men and woman tennis match, the woman’s teakwondo and Paula Radcliffe making a world record in the london marathon. I do really like the project concept that we have come up with and i think its a different take on the olympics and hopefully the other groups havnt done something the same. The idea of the olympic rings being in the shape of the symbols for men and woman as well i think its a clever idea, which are painted the colours of the olympic rings.
(olympic rings in the making)

We’ve decided that my images will be standing behind the rings, on the stand because the rings them selfs are to weak to stand on its own so it needs a stand. With the video projected onto the wall or on a tv screen.


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