When we where given this module i was excited, we where told that we where going to be picked up in the day and driven to a mystery location in england and basically we had the day to collect as much data as we could ready to come back and make a project out of and present in three weeks time.(sounds like fun right?) I heard many roumers about where we might possibly be taken apparently previous years had gone to Brighton and another was Leeds, so naturally i was hoping for something that would be exciting and not london, no offence but im from london and we ALWAYS go to london.I might aswell go home for the day and have a cup of tea with my mum.
On the morning we where set to meet with our groups and meet the coach there was a buzz around everyone of the possibilites of where we could go and then along comes the lecturer, and drops the bomb….. “everyone i know your excited to know where we are going, we are going to the OLYMPIC VILLAGE in stratford, London” dissopointment smacked me in the face, again basically my house seeing as i only live 10 mins away in Islington. Now the olympics village must be a wonderous thing to see seeing as soon it will be hosting how ever many thousands of people blah blah blah. But it isnt even finished! We got there and where told nothing excpet to meet in Euston at 6 ( by the way we got to london at 4pm) for a talk about something.. not much information. My group and i wondered aimlessly around the olympic village for a while thinking up idea’s of what we could do for a project reading the brief maybe 100 times trying to come up with something good, i decided that the best place to start would be with interviwes and gathering information so that we could at least start and not let the time be a massive waste. We brainstormed for about 20mins spitballing idea’s of what we could do finally deiciding something on youth and culture would be a good place to start seeing as the olympics in London was ment to hugely benafit and inspiere the young people on London, as a Londoner i do not feel at all inspiered. I decided to try and get some shots of the place as a basis of something to start with to get motivated into doing this seemigly rubbish assignment. Only to discover that there was to be absolutly NO photography allowed in the place what so ever as a matter of security, not even around it so i made do with the shopping area, trying to find things patriotic to the england team, which there conisted of ONE shop.

Now the talk we went to was beyond a joke, it had NOTHING to do with the olympic village what so ever, only at the end did it have some small refrence to it and that was because a there was a runner speaking who fought for equallity in the 60’s. The meeting was a ‘Meeting Of The Sun’ gathering where a group of people met and basically talked about the equality of race today and discrimination, and about the police being murderes, how is that anything to do with the olympics? i sat confused and insanely awkward the whole time fully aware of the people standing and shouting in agreement with what people where saying. As i looked around at my fellow students each and everyone one of them that i could see (and it was obviouse as to who we where) looked so uncomfiterble it was unbelivable, all itching to get up and leave but not really knowing what to expect if they did. The group of people we where sitting with looked like they would throttel you if you dared disagree with what they where saying or leave. It was like something out of the movies and im not even joking. Be warned guys don’t go to a ‘Meeting Of The Sun’ gathering unless your into all that. All in all the day was a waste of time and i could have done better at home or here in coventry.


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