Night before gitters.

So basically everything is touch and go now, its the night before and the film has been edited and in Helena’s capable hands, the tv and stands are being brought in tomorrow and the artefact and its stand are ready and waiting. Everything is ready to be put together tomorrow morning. Im kinda nervous about the whole thing to be honest mostly because its been such an annoying module and ill be happy for it to be over but also because there is a lot that could go wrong and i’m just nervous about it especially with it being so early in the morning there isnt much time to make it right if something does bugger up. The brief was so terrible though it has actually made me excited to see what other groups have come up with and their takes on the brief, as far as i knew everyone hated it so it will be interesting to see tomorrow, but also because we havn’t really had a marking like this before so its a new experience and i guess will make it feel more real, as in the real world job evaluations type thing. But hey i can give you the low down tomorrow after and let you know how it went and get a few snaps of with all and show everyone the hard work and effort my group and i have put in for this module.


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