So this past few months we have been doing our professional practice, and in the beginning I had ideas about going away for it to Karlstad university in Sweden for a whole term with a few of my course mates and we had planned a whole project for whilst we where out there which would have ended with a exhibition when we where back. We had a rout there planned because we wanted to get the train, so we had prices and everything sorted with backing from the head of the program and lecturers. Even been looking into accomodation, however it didnt work out because of a mix up in between universities, which leaded to us not being able to go due to not being able to pay to get there. It also would have lead to us missin out on modules we where very excited about and would also not have the time to find accomodation by that point if we had gone in the second term.
So with this disaster It was to late to start applying to magazines and artists, which was my own fault because I was so dedicated to this plan of going to sweden, so its a lesson learnt that I should always have a back-up. So I decided that I should try my hand at different types of photography jobs so I could see what I cope with well and so I have more of an idea of what to expect as a working photographer after university.

So to start off I did some modeling/assisting some shoots for a photography company and a friend to get some experience with the lighting equipment and location photography and how to over come obsticals wheen im out on a shoot. I found it very interesting and something I really enjoyed and happy for the practice with the lighting but I think next time im going to try and do more in studio stuff.
I was also part of a uni module based exhibition with my course mates that was a massive succsess , with over 250 people showing up on the first night and I recived some amazing feed back about my work with was very helpful. Doing the exhibition really helped me get an idea about how things are run and what things are fundimentle to run a good exhibition and the do’s and dont’s of the whole thing. Doing this has also lead to a few friends and I orginising our own exhibition outside of the university.
I was asked to photograph the rehursel of a band called ‘from rapture to ruin’ for 5 days to creat their behind the music portfolio they wanted to bring out. I did find this very interesting to do but stressful because of the lack of orginisation with in the band it made my job hard to do what with most of them never actually being at the rehursels or on constant fag breaks. However by the end of the 5 days I had a good body of work to show and creat the folio and the band was very please with the images.
As well as this I also worked along side a club photographer for a few nights just for some experience, because club photograhy I do really like and I thought it would be interesting and fun. Well let me tell you ive never had so man bruises from anight out, people are so rude when it comes to demanding photo’s being taken of them and get aggressive when I say I have to move on to the next person considereing I spent 10 mins taking different shots of them at their insistance. And I also dont think ive ever been more scared for a camera’s life as I had then because everyone was dancing and pulling and pushing you barly got from A to B without someone pulling you around.
Finally I was given the opertunity to photograph two Indian weddings, this an the exhibition was my favourite things ive done for the exhibition because I really enjoyed doing it and would love to do again. The traditions of the wedding though abit hard to understand in the beginning soon dont phase you and you just enjoye the day with the families, usually they are so friendly and wellcoming into their day you feel almost like a guest, although you do need to keep some barriers I think. But the days where brilliant, and I look forward to doing another one soon.

All in all I think my professional practice though it didnt go the way I initally wannted it to I think it went very well and im happy with what I have achived, thought I have learnt my lessons along the way I no now what I can deal with and how to do it. And im very thankful to everyone I worked with for letting me join them in their work and had a brilliant time.


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