Updates Artistic CV

NAME: Alexi Cirelli


ADRESS: 4 Wren Street

EMAIL: alexicirelli@gmail


-Highbury Fields School For Girls: 2002-2006

GCSE: English Lang – C
English Lit- D
Scoliogy- C
Science- D
Mathimatics- D
R.E- B
I.T – C

-Islington Concortium College: 2006-2007

BTEC: Health and Social Care- Merit

-Islington Concortium College- 2007-2009

A-LEAVELS: Double Art- A,A*
Media- B
Health and Social care- B
-COVENTRY UNIVERSITY: 2009- ongoing.

Photography BA HONS
(univeristy days are monday and thursday until 3pm, free to work any other days excpet those two)

add+vann (stage1)- Photoshop- 2:1
add+vann (stage 2)- Second Life- First

To date in my photographic carrer I am happy to say I feel ive done a great many things to be proud of and benafitial to my working carrer. I have recently taken part in an exhibition with my fellow course mates that was an explosive succsess with over 250 people coming on the opening night and more fludding in every day, so much so that the exhibition was asked to run for longer because of the massive turn outs. It was origionaly supposed to run for up to 3 days and stayed open for 2

weeks, and was even asked to run along side another exhibition. The exhibition featured our final pieces from the #picbod module. Myself and a fellow photographer friend are also planning another exhibition and playing around with the idea of collaborating, creating a non university linked exhibition. I have also helped out on some photoshoots for a Photography company based in Essax, often modeling/ assisting the shoots for some more experience. I have also modeled for friends, and in turn getting some more experience on location photography.

Photography Jobs:
Jobs wise I have some experience, I was recently asked to photograph a upcoming band called ‘From Rapture to Ruin’ based in coventry. I was asked to sit in on their rehursels for five days to create a behind the scene’s portfolio for the band. I have also worked in a London club called Cheapstkates, working along side the inhouse photographer for short period of time just to get a feel of how it would be in such hectic enviroments to gain more experience in dealing with rude subjects and how to over come any agressivness met in the situations. I felt it was hugly benafitial because I am sure as a photogapher I will come across people who I will disagree with in my work and I feel it has taught me how to settle situations quickly. As well as this I have also photographer two Indian weddings on in Northampton then other in London, where I had to deal with massive culture differences and stressfull situations.

I feel I still have a lot to learn and am most eager to learn all that I can and gain as much experience as I can. I do however feel the experience I have already is more then enough to help me when it comes to becoming a fully fledged working photographer and I feel I am now more then prepaired for what ever may be thrown in my face and hurdles I will have to over come later in my carrer, What ever they may be.

Email: alexicirelli@gmail.com
Blog Post: http://www.alexicirelli.wordpress.com
website: http://www.alexicirelliphotography.co.uk
Twitter: RRAlexi


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