Another Bengali Wedding!!

So after my first wedding i was asked to do another one, this time in London over easter. I accepted straight away because the last one i had done was such a succsess even though the ending was really awqward to watch, This day thankgod went much quicker then the last one! We got there again around 11:30am and everyone was ready and waiting for us which made everything go smooth for us and there wasnt really any rushing around. However this time the family where a strict muslim family so outsiders of the family photographing them and putting them on our blogs ect wasnt allowed, so much like the times in cheapskates when the day was finished i would have to hand the memoury card over so all the images could be transfered and deleted off the memoury card, so no photos this time.
The bride her self looked more relaxed and calm then the previous one which made everything easier she seemed much more open and informed about the day although im guessing its because she looked older then the other bride. She smiled and said hello but that was as much conversation i got out of her which was fine. The day went smoothly and much like the previous wedding however every single woman here had their hair covered unlike the other wedding. However as for the friendliness, it ended at the bride. The guests seemed more ubrupt at this wedding and even thought i stayed out of peoples way i seemed to stick out so much with alot of people looking at me. Everything was running like clock work and the two guys i was working with again said i was doing very well and where very re-ashuring. Being in the enviroment was so different to the plesent friendly wedding previous that i was nervous this time round.
The bride seemed to keep her calm the entier time, although of course she did look upset and was constantly looking at her feet and mother there was alot less tension around her. Even as she walked up to her husband she kept her cool, that was untill she actually had to leave and the horrible feeling in my gut kicked in and she just burst into histerics. She couldnt even walk at one point holding on to her friends and family like she was going to die, she was shaking so much that her jewlary was basically making music. Then she collapses onto the floor crying her eyes out and has to be carried to the car, how must the husband feel? i kept thinking the whole time i mean this cant be good for him can it? And in my ear the entier time i have the guys im working with telling me to photograph it the whole time whilst all i wanted to do was turn away! It was so hard to watch these girls younger then me go through this, i kept telling my self i have a job to do but at the same time i felt like i was being sooo invasive and i just felt guilty the whole time.
I think that if i am asked to do another day i think i will try maybe one of the other two days because hopefully they are less disstressing, but other then that i feel i have learnt now about their traditions on the actual wedding day- now i want to learn and see new things just to get the full benafit of doing that job. On the way home i asked weather or not the two weddings i had done where arranged marriges, and as it turns out they where. However contuary to our views of these types of marrages, they do meet before hand a few times with friends and family and get to know one another and then decide if they like each other. If they do they meet up a few more times right up untill the begining of the wedding days. Also the reason the bride always looks so sad is not only because she is upset about leaving the household at such a young age, it is also because in their cultures the sader the bride the better the bride!! I also found out that in Hindu weddings their weddings last 5DAYS!! bet you didnt know that!
(Day 20)


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