Working in “ze” Cheapskates

So a last year i dabbeled in some club photography and found it verrrrrry interesting mostly because i find it fun seeing people being absolute states and photographing them, also i like it because it challenges to deal with obnoxious people and dealing with situations like rude pushy people and just giving me experiance to cope with stressful situations that i would most likely run into in the working photography field. So i decided to give it more of a go when i went home over easter, in between other work and a well desurved rest i worked in a small club called Cheapskates in Soho- for the cool and “alturnative” people the place was buzzing from 10 till the early 00’s of the morning, and oh my god i swear im lucky to leave with my sanity intact after 3 nights there.
I got in contact with the manager who ive spoken to a few times when i have been there my self and asked him if it would be alright if i could take some photos inside the club and obviously all the images would be edited and given to him the next day. At first he was abit aprihensive because they already have a inclub photographer, however the photographer was happy for me to take part and do a few nights with him, as long as the images would not be showen for any work/promotional purposes on my part and would only be linked back to the club. So becuase of that none of the images taken are on this blog or even on my computer fro that fact because at the end of the night the memoury card was handed over to the main photographer to be uploaded to his computer then handed back completly clear to me. My nights started by gettin there around 8pm just to set the camera’s up and chill with the staff before people started to arrive. The club is situated in a basement and isnt all that big, but for its size ALOT of people get into it and with prices being some of the cheapest ive ever come across through out my years people get very drunk veruy easily and quickly. I was given a few pointers before starting, mostly just in how to deal with demanding drunk people, mostly dont try and go for the most artistic shot, the aim was basically get in there get the shot show the subjects and get out of there on to the next one, but of course there where always the people that demanded about 5 photos be taken because they felt they looked bad- not realising that they where smashed and genurally just looked that bad. So because of this you’d get the people that accepted their drunken mess look and laugh about it and move on to the next drink, and then there where the girls that insisted on some type of fashion show trying every pose invented by vouge, often becoming very rude and argumentative. In those situations i allowed up to a 3 photo trial and if after the 3rd they were still happy i just walked off becuase i had a job to do. When doing this type of job there is a minimum amount of images to get, in the club it was 150-200(on the night) images narrowed down to about 100 per night(after editing). I was usually done by around 2am sometimes 3 by that point i was shattered and wanted to go home.
From my 3 nights of doing this job i was shattered, and i imagine i would have been worse if i had to do the editing before the next night. The job its self is stressful dealing with all these people pushing and pulling, as well as trying to navigate through such a crowded place (i never noticed how bad it got other times i was there but damn). I did enjoy it however and i would consider it but there really isnt much money invlaved, the photographer who works there already has to go to another club after as well. He also gave me a heads up about your boss’s when you work in these type of places because most of the time they seriously try to underpay or delay payment untill your basically harrasing them to cough up the muller or find a new photographer. Saying that i think i could do that, maybe i could but i dont think i want to, writting this has made me look back and i feel stressed again. And the amount of buises where like never before and the stress of protecting your camera is x10 in situations like that. But i am thankful for the experiance and the opertunity to work in a Cheapskates, i have to say though however the next time i go there i will be one of the vouge girls terrorising the poor photographer, not the other way round. (day11-14)


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