The Whole Karlstad thing…

So as seen in a previous post a group of friends and i where thinking about going to karlstad university in sweden as part of our professional practice. Travelling to Karlstad would have been an amazing experiance and i really wish we could have done it, and i will tell you why it all when to pot later..
So we decided to get cracking with the plans to go and decided that whilst we where there we would make more of a project out of it, rather then going there and just studying we where going to make a diary (visual,video and written) featuring interviews with other students and lecturers basically documenting the whole trip. Literally from the minute we left to the moment we where back home and then exhibit the work after. where where also planning in making a group youtube channel where we could post video’s up for people to see so they could follow us online, also making a twitter that we all had access to again so people could follow us. Getting there we had planned to take the cheaper scenic rout of a train, which went from london to brussels-cologne-copehenagen to stockholm(travelling for a total of 16hours). From stockholm we would get another train to Karlstad. The train from london was £18 both ways and from Stockholm to Karlstad was £24.

We had it all planned and went to our lecturers a few times to talk it over, basically to get their support and see what needed to be done before we went (course wise) and what we would need to do whilst we were away, we also had seviral meetings with Stefan Mosiel who was in charge of the exchange student program. At first everyone was so enthusiastic about the idea of what we where planning and we had backing by our lecturers and had orginised meetings with people in the herbert gallery and looking at exhibition spaces, then disaster struck. After a few weeks of planning and singing papers, we where informed that we would have to go basically in a months time ( meaning second term). If that had been the case none of us was prepaired to go, seeing as from day dot we had clarified (well at least we thought we had- clearly when we said 3rd term people wernt listening and decided it was 2nd term we ment) that it was 3rd term we intended to go leaving us time to sort everything we needed, including video camera’s which we had spoken about with the loan shop and they had agreed on lending us for the amount of time, and funding. It also made finding accomodation impossible to do. So it was at this point everything went downhill, expecially as 2nd term was also the term none of us wanted to miss because there where moduals we where so excited about.
So after this plan bit the dust, i decided i would still love to go away and i am now looking into doing a south america tour after uni, but doing the project planned for karlstad whilst im away.


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