#Picbod exhibition

For our second term i decided to do picbod, and it was deffernatly my favourite module to date. The work produced in the class was amazing and most of us desurved the grades we got, however some didnt but all in all the work was amazing so good infact that we decided to put together an exhibition. Alex and Sean (two extreemly talented photographers on the course) really made everything come together and with out their hard work the exhibition would never have seen the light of day. They found the perfect exhibition space in coventry called ‘The Art Space’, the basement was the perfect place for our work as its raw beauty really complemented our work as students and asspiering photographers. Once all our work was done and handed in, it was straight to the space to get a start on cleaning as the place was a tip!! Cleaning alone took 3days of hard graft to make the place presentable to the public as a serious and respectable exhibition.
We started at about 10am on the tuesday morning, for most of us it was the first time going there and seeing the place and to be honest i didnt no what to expect other then spiders, after taking a tour and have many panic attacks because of the dreded spiders Amber and i took a drive to town to pick up the necessary equipment to clean the basement as well as lighting and things for the outside. Once back we got started with the cleaning, i spent my morning with Hazel cleaning the easel’s we found in the basement and checking which ones worked and could be used. After that we took to cleaning the chairs and the floor outside. By this time it was the end of day one of the clean up finally going home around 5pm.
Day two(wednesday) of the clean up consisted of again going out and getting more supplies and this time also getting things to put the images up, once back i began to clean walls and floors and helping get rid of the mud on the floors created by the rain the previous night, and that afternoon i picked up my 3 images that were going to be exhibited and taking them home before returning to help out more. Again finishing around 5pm.
Day three(thursday) of the clean up- and today is the day to start decideing what goes where and how! Because tonight was the night of the exhibition. By this point most people know where they want their stuff to go and how they want it presented, i was graciously given the entrance so my work was basically the first thing you see when you walk in. I had decided i didnt want any fuss around my work and simply wanted the images up and knew they could speak for them selfs on the white washed wall, and it was decided that using velcrow was the best thing to use to put the images up, most people used it apart from the people with frames. Looking back maybe i could have put something more around it but i was worried that it would take away the feel of the images.Once my images where up it was time to go around and help others do theirs again finishing at around 4pm this time and time to get ready for the big night.
So tonight is the night and ive never been more nervous in my whole life, with more and more people turning up every 10 mins the place is soon extreemly packed and we are out of drinks within half an hour, the exhibition ran from 7-11 however we had to be there at least an hour early just to check on everything and have a celebratory drink with everyone on the hard work and effort put in. The night went really well and we had over 250 people come and visit us on the opening night alone which was amazing. I got some amazing feed back from people who came to see the work and i felt very proud to be part of this exhibition which Alex and Sean basically put together by them selfs. We also had a small comments book people used to write in their thoughts about the exhibition as a whole which was really good to have and again got some great feed back.
Day 4(exhibition daytime) Everyone took it in turns to go to the space during the days that followed the opening night, doing rounds of 3 hours each time, so in the morning then swaping in the afernoon. I did two lots of these as the exhibition was only ment to be open untill the sunday after the opening night, so i was in on the saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon. Being there bassically consited of wellcoming people showing them around and answering questions and then cleaning up after your self when it was time to leave. As it turned out the exhibition was such a massive sucsess that the people at ‘The Artspace’ asked us to keep it open for longer and basically stayed open up untill easter when everyone was leaving and we decided to take our work down.
The exhibition was so much fun and deffernitly gave me a taste for it and im eager to do another one soon, but maybe with a smaller group, working with so many people expecially such passionate stuborn people was very stressful and sometimes i felt not much respect was given to people and ego’s where deffernatly 100% on the go the whole time. So the next time i do one it will be with a smaller group of people. Infact ive already been speaking with people about possible sponsership for another exhibition with fresh work and nothing to do with the university so that we can really start to become working photographers selling our work and making a name for our selfs. And i have already got some photographers in mind to take part in this exhibition, Hazel Steel, Amber Nicholls, Daisy Were-Jarret, Genea Bailey and Josie Sutton. But ill keep you posted on that, seeing as we have already found possible exhibition spaces and now we are just coming up with idea’s and maybe some idea’s on collaborating as well as our own persoanl works just to get a meatier body of work.

Video by Dicken Richards


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