Another band practice.

(day5-10) So another day with “From Rapture to Ruin” oh recording and getting some images of them working, I spent about 6 days with them in total just sitting in their recording studio chatting with them and photographing them at the same time so it felt more natural, before shooting they had said that the way they had a vision of these images looking relaxed and fun and not staged. Days started around 11 with getting into the studio having a coffee and talk about the days plan of what was going to happen, who was doing what and when and planned fag breaks. I basically took a step back in these meetings looking around the studio assesing the lighting and what settings would be good for each room and positioning my self so i was prepaired and wouldnt have to be faffing around later when i could be getting some good shots of the band.
Some times i did find it frustrating because most of the days one of the members wouldnt be in and if he did it was for an hour or so before he left, and i found it irratating because there are barely any images of him so i felt like the images of the “band” werent really true because he wasnt there for most of it. Working with the guys i also found abit frustrating because most of the time they wernt really working and it seemed that it was always one guy basically trying to orginise everyone and getting stressed while the others messed around and constantly going out for fags and food. However when they DID work the music they produced was very good.


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