Progression from before.

So its been a few months and ive decided to look back on the picbod work again, i know that i want to expand it and look deeper into the issues i feel i raised with my self and i want to answer the questions people asked me when looking at my work when it was exhibited. I feel its a good starting place (my work for picbod) and there is alot i could do with it and just kind of unravel my self through my work and see what happens. Maybe at the end i will be a totally different person for it or people will see me in a different light? who knows.
I stared my journey with the images of me without make-up on over exposing the images in a series of 10 and showen in clusters of 3 to make the images more dynamic, So step 2 would be to look at other people’s idea’s of how they repesented them selfs, but i decided not to look for professional photographers that i knew, just looking on google and picking at images that i liked and thought they where good, also that sent the same kind of message i feel my work had. 5 images i saw really stuck out for me and i really liked them instantly.


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